Why Voice Search Optimization Is Important in 2021

Voice Search Optimization

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The rise of voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant is fueling a shift toward voice-enabled functions. In the US, about a third of the population use voice search technology. That’s 40% of all internet users in the country.  

Simply put, search behavior has changed so much in recent years. It’s time for your SEO practices to change too. 

3 Reasons to Optimize for Voice Search

Voice search is no longer an option. It is a fundamental part of your growth in the fast-changing business landscape. Here are a few reasons why you should start optimizing for voice search. 

1. Mobile technology is ever-growing

voice search on mobile device

Mobile technology is more accessible now more than ever. Its growth means that more and more people are going online on their mobile devices. According to Google, 27% of the global online population performs voice search using their mobile devices.  

Whether they be smartphones, tablets, or wearable devices, these mobile devices have enabled people to browse the web anywhere and at any time. Thus, optimizing your online presence for voice search can give you a better opportunity to engage with these consumers. It can also give you an edge over the competition.  

2. IoT devices have voice capabilities

Aside from mobile technology, the smart home industry has witnessed a massive boom in recent years. Everything, from speakers and refrigerators to vacuum cleaners, now have voice-enabled functions. As more devices become interconnected, you can have on-demand access to your gadgets and the internet through voice technology. 

This era of interconnectedness has created new experiences and habits, which consumers seem to be enjoying. For instance, the hands-free capabilities of IoT devices enables people to carry out voice searches while they are doing household chores.  

3. Voice technology is increasingly used for local searches

Alexa voice search

About 58% of consumers use voice technology to research local businesses. After performing a voice search, 28% will call the business, 27% will visit the website, while 19% will visit their physical store. 

By fine tuning your SEO strategy for voice search, you can make business information readily available for potential consumers. You can engage consumers, especially when they are ready to take action. 

Is Your Business Optimized for Local Voice Search?

Voice search isn’t a trend that will come and go. As the technology further advances, voice search will become more seamless, comprehensive, and ubiquitous. To accommodate this shift in consumer habits, you must evolve and optimize for voice search. If don’t, you’d be missing out on opportunities for discovery, valuable leads, and revenue. 

Voice Listings can help your local business navigate the voice revolution. We can optimize your online presence for voice search by listing your brand on the leading voice search technology platforms — Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, and Bixby.  

We can make crucial business information like your location, operating hours, and phone number accessible to consumers using voice search.  

Get in touch with us to have your business listed on voice search. 


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