Top Voice Search Platforms To List Your Business on for Better Ranking

Top Voice Search Platforms To List Your Business on for Better Ranking

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“Alexa, is there a bakery near me?” 

Now, more than ever, individuals are increasingly turning to various voice search platforms to know more about a local business. About 46% of voice search users utilize this technology daily to look for a local business. After doing a voice search, 28% of consumers get in touch with the businessMeanwhile, 27% visit the business’s website. 

Interestingly, from 2016 to 2018, there had been an incredible 900% growth in searches for “____near me today/tonight.” “Near me” searches make up a large volume of voice search queries. 

These numbers show an ever-increasing trend when it comes to consumers incorporating voice search in their daily lives. Consumers find that voice search offers convenience. Shopping and getting information can be done in a matter of seconds, hands-free.  

Despite these astonishing numbers, however, for many local businesses, voice search is still a largely untapped resource. 

How Voice Search Helps Businesses 

Optimizing your business for voice search will be to your advantage for several reasons: 

Voice search continues to grow 

In January 2018 alone, 1 billion searches were made. And with the increasing number of smart speakers in households, it has already become an indispensable part of daily life for there are as many as 42% of smart speaker owners.  For this year, researchers predict that half of the searches will be made using voice.  

It can deliver better customer experiences 

Voice search delivers results faster. Optimizing your business for voice means customers will be able to interact with your brand in ways that are more convenient for them. This, in turn, can pave the way for better customer relationships and even brand loyalty. 

Voice search can increase website traffic 

As stated above, 27% of users visit a business’s website after using voice search. If your business is voice-optimized, this can spell an increase in traffic, especially if you often appear as a top result.  

Your business becomes more visible  

siri business listing

Voice search and claimed business listings, among other strategies, help you establish your online presence. Users are more likely to find your business if you’ve implemented a voice search strategy. Otherwise, voice search can direct your customers and prospects directly to your competition. 

 The Top Voice Search Platforms 

The leading voice platforms in 2019 are as follows, according to a Microsoft report: 

  • Google Assistant – 36% 

  • Siri – 36% 

  • Amazon Alexa – 25% 

  • Cortana – 19% 

  • Other – 1% 

In 2020, however, we see a slight shift in numbersalong with the continuing popularity of smart speakers such as Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot. The numbers indicated below are based on Platform Impact Rating: 

  • Amazon Alexa – 110.2 

  • Google Assistant – 97.3 

  • Siri – 38.3 

  • Bixby – 25.5 

  • Other– 11.0  

Voice Listings lists your business on all the major voice search platforms. It adds your business information, such as name, address, hours of operation, and contact details, on platforms like Alexa, Siri, and Bixby so that customers can find your business easily. This tool also ensures that all your information is consistent throughout the different voice assistant platforms.  

Build your online presence and watch your business grow with Voice Listings. Talk to a representative today.  


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