The Rise of Voice Search: Who’s Using It and How Does It Work?

The Rise of Voice Search: Who’s Using It and How Does It Work?

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Voice technology has grown exponentially over the years. It’s seeping into everyday life through smart phoneswatches, speakers, car systems, and moreIt's reshaping the way you do things at home and in public. 

Since voice search users are forecast to increase over time, it’s best to learn how the technology works and how you can leverage it for your business. 

Who Is Using Voice Search? 

A report by Stone Temple Consulting showed that 35 to 44-year-olds used voice search the most in their daily activities. Millennials, on the other hand, were the most comfortable with using the technology in public.  

Interestingly, kids who are around the age of 10 are also using voice search through smartphones. Often, they’ll use it to send text messages and look up information online. Older generations, particularly users who are 55 years old and above, are also using voice technology to get reliable information instantly. 

So what voice search devices are people using? 

voice search devices

According to a survey by Adobe, smartphones are the most popular devices for voice search. Around 85% of respondents use their smartphones to perform voice searches, while only 39% of them use smart speakers. 

Another survey showed that 31% of people use voice commands to operate smart devices, while 30% use it to shop online. About 17% use voice search to order takeout, and 16% use it to look up flights and hotels. 

How Voice Search Works in Smart Devices 

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Voice search devices have come a long way over the years. Back then, you could only use voice search on your mobile phone. Now, you can give voice commands through a myriad of devices such as smartwatches, speakers, car systems, and more.  

Voice search devices answer queries by looking up information from a variety of sources such as search engines and leading websites. If you want your business to come up on voice search, it’s essential to list your business details on the major voice search assistants and optimize your website. 

Smart devices that are voice-enabled use the wake-word detection method, which processes voice searches using edge computing resources. They process commands, separating your voice from the surrounding noise. Using artificial intelligence, it can process commands even without the internet, allowing you to control smart devices in your home. 

Some voice search devices have more state-of-the-art technologies that can, for instance, process your voice as a biometric key. This comes in handy for authentication, preventing unauthorized users from carrying out commands. 

Voice search is changing the way brands and consumers interact. As voice recognition, artificial intelligence, and voice search devices continue to evolve, the technology is going to become more mainstream in the near future 

If you want to stand out in a highly saturated and competitive business landscape, harness the power of voice. Make sure to optimize your business for the growing pool of voice users.  

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