Why It’s Important to Get Your Business Listed on Siri

Why It’s Important to Get Your Business Listed on Siri

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Siri is one of the most popular virtual voice-activated assistants, capturing 45% of smartphone users in the US. The technology is equipped with impressive functionalities that can enable you to perform a wide variety of tasks simply through voice command. 

And with more and more smart device users relying on the capabilities of voice technology to seek information, find stores, send inquiries, and make purchases, it’s important for local businesses to be optimized for voice search and be Siri-connected.  


The importance of voice search optimization 

Recent studies show that more people are using voice technology to look for products and services online. In fact, voice search is considered to be the fastest-growing area of consumer technology today.  

Voice search allows users to look up information in a quicker, more convenient, hands-free way. For instance, a person driving around looking for a nearby restaurant would most likely use their voice assistant to search for a place where they can eat.  

It’s projected that by the end of 2020, around 50% of consumers would be opting for voice search by already. Out of this number, 74% will most likely use the technology weekly to find a local businessAround 47%, meanwhile, would use voice for transactions.  

If you run a local business and want to improve its online presence as well as your interactions with your audience, you need to ensure that your customers would be able to find you easily through voice search  


So why Siri? 

The biggest voice assistants at the moment are Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, Bixby, and Alexa. Of the five, Siri and Google dominate the market share in terms of mobile and tablet use. This is something to keep in mind as more devices are being integrated with voice search capabilities, including cars, TVs, and appliances.  

Siri is projected to become more popular, given Apple’s continued growth. 

Another important consideration is that while popular, voice search is still a relatively new technology. Even some big-name brands are not yet fully optimized or are listed on Siri. This can be an opportunity for you to become more visible and get ahead of the competitionparticularly during a Siri voice search.    

Setting up your business listing on Siri 

Setting up your business listing on Siri will enable Apple device owners to find out more about your product or service. You need to claim your business listing for Siri to recognize your brand.  

One of the easiest ways to get listed on Siri is to use Voice Listings, which can help your business connect with Siri better and differentiate your products or services in voice search results. Their unique packages help your business create better online visibility.  


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