Optimizing Your Business to Get More Voice Search Traffic

Optimizing Your Business to Get More Voice Search Traffic

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Voice search technology makes it easier for consumers to conduct online searches. It is a faster alternative to text-based searches. It also allows for hands-free and more customized searches. 

Over the years, this trend has changed the face of both SEO and marketing. 

With consumers increasingly turning to voice search to find out more about a local business, business owners who adopt voice search strategies and optimize their businesses to become more easily discoverable on major voice platforms like Alexa and Google Assistant can put their business at the forefront.  

A business that’s not optimized for voice search runs the risk of losing a significant chunk of potential customers. These missed opportunities to engage consumers can lead to a loss of revenue.  

Today’s local marketplace is saturated with businesses offering similar products or services. Stand out from the crowd by optimizing your business to get more voice search traffic.  

How to Get More Voice Search Traffic 

  • List your business details on the major voice assistants 

Aside from listing your complete business details, make sure that all the pieces of information you’re including are updated and accurate. Business details include your business name, address, contact details, hours of operation, and the industry you belong to. Claim your listingon major voice assistants here. 

  • Utilize long-tail keywords 

Unlike text-based searches that focus on short-tail keywords, voice search makes use of long-tail keywords. Queries carried out using voice search follow natural, conversational language and structure. Someone doing a voice search might say, “what are the best Cuban restaurants in New YorkVs. someone typing into a search may just type “best Cuban restaurantNY.”  As such, you need to create quality content that incorporates the commonly found long-tail keywords for relevant local searches.  

Answering common questions in detail or simply coming up with concise answers to simple questions is also an effective way of optimizing content for voice search.  

  • Don’t forget Google’s featured snippets 

Google’s featured snippets provide users with quick answers. Keep in mind that featured snippets are not restricted to written content. These snippets also feature short videos. To use this as leverage, you need to create concise, easily digestible content that’s easy to share. Optimal snippet lengths vary, depending on content type. For paragraphs, snippets average 45 words while lists and tables average 4.2 and 3.6 items and rows, respectively.  

  • Use a voice listing service 

Optimizing your business to get more voice search traffic is no mean feat. Services like Voice Listings make it easier for local business owners to have their business information collected and synced with all the major voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant.  

Voice Listings gathers your business information and makes it easier for you to be found by consumers who use voice search technology. Use voice search technology to your advantage and take your business to new heights. Get in touch with a representative from Voice Listings today and start getting your business optimized for the future.  


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