How Alexa Can Change Its Emotion or Speaking Style

How Alexa Can Change Its Emotion or Speaking Style

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With the rise of technology, many great inventions have come into public reach. One of these inventions includes a personal digital assistant in the form of hands-free speakers, such as Amazon’s Alexa. Alexa, like Google Assistant and Siri, is one of the well-known voice-activated assistants that come in its own device. 

People buy the Alexa Echo device because it is one step closer to having a smart home. Since it is a hands-free device, you can worry less about turning off the lights or snoozing an alarm, or even typing in a question on a search engine. Simply say, “Alexa, do this, and Alexa will do it for you. 

While not everyone chooses to use a voice-controlled assistant, our world is gradually moving towards it. These Artificial Intelligences are one of the best things ever created that help make our life easier by running simple commands on our behalf. 

What is Alexa? 

Alexa is a voice-controlled assistant. It can do tasks such as schedule your calendar, manage multimedia, tell you movie schedules, open applications on your phone, and even create shopping lists for you.  

You can ask questions directed to Alexa and it will do the searching for you. You can also work on your household chores or tasks at work without having to worry about memorizing your grocery list or your schedule for the week. Unlike humans with limited memory, Alexa can remember things for you, but only if you command it to do so. With Alexa, listing and scheduling things become much easier. 

As more devices that support Alexa come out, more features are being added to it as well. This makes Alexa one of the best voice-controlled virtual assistants today. 

What makes Alexa stand out? 

This awesome piece of technology can change its speaking style depending on what it is currently talking about. Its artificial intelligence and speech algorithm are advanced enough to incorporate the subtle differences in the human voice when it responds to you. While it may sound neutral most of the time, more and more developers are working on its speaking styles in different languages across the globe. 

Having to speak to a robot may be unsatisfying, but Alexa stands out in this regard. No longer will you have to speak specific “keywords” to activate a certain command, but instead, you can speak to it normally. Since it can produce the correct nuances in speech, this virtual assistant will make you feel more “heard” when you ask it to do something.  

Peek into the future 


With this kind of technology, more doors are opening for business owners and consumers alike. Understanding human emotion is a great factor when it comes to reading business reviews, and Alexa’s capacity to do so may become a step closer to suggesting better businesses and services it is asked for. 

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