3 Reasons Why Your Marketing Strategy Must Include Alexa

3 Reasons Why Your Marketing Strategy Must Include Alexa

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Speech is the future of human-to-computer interaction. Half of the American adult population currently uses speech-activated devices. Of this number, almost 70% of voice assistant users own Alexa-enabled devices. 

Most Popular Core Features 

Alexa boasts over 100,000 skills.  The most in-demand tasks that the voice assistant can perform include: 

  • Controlling smart home devices: lights, cooling and heating systems, security locks, robot vacuums, garage door, or TV set 

  • Making voice and video calls  

  • Locating your missing smartphone 

  • Taking shopping orders  

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  • Booking rides 

  • Finding businesses and food delivery services 

  • Setting alarms and sending reminders (grocery lists, appointments, events, holidays) 

  • Providing entertainment or informative tools (music, podcasts, audiobooks, meditation apps, fitness workouts) 

  • Giving information (weather update, recipes, measurement conversions, nutrition tracking)  

You can set Alexa in multi-lingual mode if you speak more than one language at home. The options include English and Spanish, English and Canadian French, or English and Hindi. 

How Alexa Can Drive Your Business Growth 

Voice-based searches are now head to head with display searches at 50%. Voice queries on mobile phones alone make up 20% of total searches on these handheld devices.  

Being accessible to the users of Alexa devices can drive certain benefits.  

1. You can leverage your location and customer reviews. 

Nearly a fourth of the questions that voice assistants get are location-based queries. Alexa can find your business faster if you optimize your online content for location-based queriesThis means adding your accurate business address and location-based keywords to your online contentDoing so will make it easier for the digital assistant to find you.  

Continue to give quality service and encourage positive reviews. Alexa is also more likely to recommend your business if you have the highest star rating.  

2. You can sell and upsell through skills. 

Alexa can help promote and upsell your products or services when you create a skill for your company.   

3. You won't be left behind by younger, faster competitors. 

Having a solid voice strategy can help you avoid having potential clients find competing businesses faster. 

Link Your Business location to Alexa to Future-Proof Your Marketing Strategy  

Your business can harness Alexa's capabilities to find and engage clients. Voice Listings can connect you with its userbase by ensuring your business location and contact details can be found by Alexa. Contact us today for more information. 


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